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Market Analysis, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Real Estate Valuation, Investment Analysis, Zoning and Land Use Regulations, Site Selection and Acquisition


Collaborating with Partner On a Specific Real Estate Projects Joint-Venture, Asset Deal, Share Deal Strategic Alliances, Financing and Capital Sourcing

Architecture Design

Planning and Design, Feasibility Studies, Architectural Concepts, BIM Architectural Projects, Design Development, Technical Documentations, Construction Permits, Contracts

Project Management

Project Planning, Budgeting and Cost Management, Procurement, Risk Management, Change Management Coordinating Projects, Scheduling, Reporting, Quality Control and Assurance, Regulatory Compilance

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Experience our 3D full CGI Virtual Tour for the Villa in Kuwait. Click on place you want to see and look around. Check the map icon in the left bottom corner and discover furniture plan.

Project Info

We are proud partners in this exciting project, contributing to the design, development, and construction of a 1500+ sq m building spanning four floors.

Project Benefits

As a part of our involvement, we have prepared a virtual tour that is beneficial not only for client presentations but also for all other parties involved in the process.

Project Goals

One of the primary objectives of this project was to craft a luxurious space that endures the test of time and serves as a timeless source of inspiration for its occupants.

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What is Joint-Venture, Asset Deal, and Share Deal?

Joint-Venture, Asset Deal, and Share Deal are different types of business transactions and structures used in the context of buying, selling, or investing in companies or business assets. Each has its own characteristics and implications, and the choice of which to use depends on the specific goals and circumstances of the parties involved.

What is BIM project?

A BIM (Building Information Modeling) project is a construction or architectural project that employs BIM technology and methodologies throughout its lifecycle, from initial design and planning to construction, operation, and maintenance. BIM is a digital representation of a building's physical and functional characteristics, offering a comprehensive and integrated approach to managing and sharing information about a construction project.

I have upocoming real estate project - how can we start?

To start, we aim to understand your needs and requirements, engaging in a thoughtful discussion about your goals and objectives. Next, we define the scope of the work, establish timeframes, and set a budget. Once these essential details are in place, we can craft customized solutions tailored specifically for you. We also determine which of our teams should be involved in the project - this may include expertise that spans architecture design, 3D rendering, branding, marketing and sales, and many others.

I have fully designed building which I would like to improve - what are the solutions?

First, we analyze the current state of your project. We carefully review all provided documentation, renderings, and 3D models. We assess your requirements to ensure their applicability in your specific case. Afterward, we prepare our diagnosis, highlighting potential issues and areas for improvement.
Next, based on your needs, we offer three solutions:

  1. Consultation: We provide a comprehensive presentation outlining our recommendations for exterior and landscape design. Additionally, we recommend the type of presentation and attractive perspectives to enhance the visual appeal.

  2. 3D Renderings: We create photo-realistic renderings and propose various material and color options. We believe that using the right materials, lighting, landscape design, and composition can significantly elevate your current design, resulting in a more attractive project presentation.

  3. 3D Design and 3D Renderings: We provide multiple photo-realistic renderings for both your existing designs and our proposed changes. We suggest new elevations that comply with regulations and your guidelines, introducing a revised geometry. Additionally, we explore various material and color options

How can we become partners?

After conducting a thorough company check and reviewing its portfolio, we begin by defining your investment goals and risk tolerance. We assess whether you are interested in residential or commercial real estate, whether you prefer short-term or long-term investments, and the type of partnership that interests you. For example, you may be considering involvement in development, property management, or providing capital. Subsequently, we create a clear and compelling investment pitch and develop an investment plan.

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